scuba certification los angeles padi lessons
scuba certification los angeles padi
Welcome to Fun, Excitement and Adventure

- Private SCUBA Instruction and Certification in Los
at Classroom Prices.

- Not all
SCUBA divers are looking for the same experience

- Unfortunately, most dive schools only teach
SCUBA one way.

- Which leaves half the students in the larger classes
disappointed in their dive training, thinking that
SCUBA Diving
isn't what they'd imagined.

At AQUA INDUSTRIAL - We customize your
SCUBA training
to meet your specific requirements, fuel your imagination and
guide you to find the experience that you're looking for.

SCUBA Diving Certification Lessons in Los Angeles -
SAFE - EXCITING - The way you want it!
Phone - 310-480-3413
PADI SCUBA Certification Los Angeles
Look no further for SCUBA Diving Lessons in
Los Angeles
, Orange County, Beach Cities and
South Bay California.  We deliver private lessons
and equipment to the location of your choosing.  
SCUBA Diving instruction is designed to fit
your comfort, style and needs.  

SCUBA Instruction through AI is designed to work
around your schedule and any planned vacation
dates.  Our
SCUBA DIVE Instructors will certify you
PADI method - the number one dive method in
the world.   Please call with any questions including
information on private lessons at below classroom
rates.  Give us a call to find out how our
and PADI Certification is right for
los angeles certification scuba padi
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long beach diving lessons classes

Divers can face a number of challenges underwater,  which is why Aqua Industrial makes instruction and certification a snap.  Our prices are typically 20%
lower than fellow dive companies.  We don't participate in
SCUBA DIVING retail - so we don't have to charge you high prices to keep our lights on.  Our
students are guided through the purchase process by experienced dive experts, not retail sales people.  We don't sell you equipment that brings us the
highest profit margin.  We consult and advise on what is best for you and the type of diver you are, then point you to the lowest price wholesalers and
retailers so you can try on your gear so it fits your style and budget - so now you can afford that extra boat trip, margarita or dinner for two.  PADI SCUBA
Instruction is world renowned as the highest quality training experience available.  Aqua Industrial is a SCUBA Diving Instruction and consultation company.  
Recreational diver Certification is our business - keeping you safe is our business - making you the best certified SCUBA diver you can be is our business -
and business is GOOD!     

We can be found every week teaching new students and
seasoned divers in locations all around Los Angeles and
Orange County

- Here are a few of our favorite beach entry spots:

Veterans Park, Redondo Beach California
Shaws Cove, Laguna Beach California
Malaga Cove, Palos Verdes California
Cabrillo Beach, San Pedro California
Sand Harbor, Lake Tahoe Nevada and California
Catalina Island

Come Dive with us in Los Angeles and Orange County
and see just how fun and exciting SCUBA lessons and
certification can be.


If you'd like to have a video of your SCUBA diving
lessons, we will gladly shoot, edit and make you a
DVD, Blu ray, web video or all 3.  Our partners at
Photo Brilliant do fantastic work and pricing is
never a problem.

Let us work around your location and schedule to
arrange the required pool dives, ocean dives and
specialty requirements.

Our instructors take SCUBA to you.

Phone - 310-480-3413

Get your SCUBA certification quickly and safely

Get your certification quickly and safely

PADI SCUBA CERTIFICATION is recognized everywhere

Our instructors take SCUBA to you.